Take the worry out of wages with the most trusted time and attendance solution in South Africa

Why Choose Eco Time?

Eco Time saves you time and money.

Because your business is losing money without us! Eco time will help you improve productivity, minimise time spent doing payroll and save thousands of your wage bill!

30 Years in Business

Eco Time has been around for 30 years. You can trust that we have the right people, knowledge and experience to solve your Time and Attendance problems.

Scalable & customisable

Eco Time is a solution tailored to your business requirements. No matter how complex your needs, Eco Time can meet them.


Quick, accurate wage calculation

Eco Time uses automated time and attendance systems thus eliminating adding or typing errors during wage calculations.

Integrates with Payroll

Save time and money by eliminating human errors by integrating seamlessly into your payroll or HR system.


Free Helpdesk & Remote Support

Your time and attendance is only as good as the support it receives. Eco Time provides free helpdesk and remote support.

Free Software Upgrades

Eco Time is automated and will eliminate adding or typing errors during wage calculation.



Clients Who Trust Our Solutions

We build long term relationships with our customers. We are their trusted partner in time and attendance.

What Are the Benefits of Using Eco Time?

Streamline systems

Integrate time and attendance, as well as access control hardware and software, in one package.

Make informed decisions

Get information on your labour requirements by classification, or per job to make informed decisions and better plan with your team.

Stay flexible

Give your employees the option to clock-in and/or out for work using any one of our multiple technologies ranging from proximity (RFID) card, tag to contactless solutions.

Pull detailed reports

Powerful automated reports on absenteeism trends and attendance information.

Consolidate reports

Access a single platform that provides time and attendance, access control, labour costing, HR and leave management.

Get dedicated support

Professional and dedicated support teams throughout South Africa and abroad.

What Our Clients Say

Our Solutions

Fingerprint Readers

The most popular and preferred form of biometric recognition is the Eco Time fingerprint reader.

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Facial Recognition Readers

Facial recognition is completely contactless and is considered the most hygienic biometric option.

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Palm Scanners

Our palm scanning hardware also offers multi-biometric identification (palm scanning and fingerprint scanning in one unit) for time and attendance as well as access control.

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Proximity Cards and Tags

Get incredible flexibility with Eco Time using a proximity (RFID) card or tag solutions.

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Manual Clocks

TCS distributes the Nideka range of manual clocks 

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Mobile Clocks

An affordable, portable solution for remote locations. Eco Time is accurate biometric technology with a built-in lithium battery.

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Time & Attendance

The most powerful, feature-rich, user-friendly time and attendance software available on the market today.

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Access control

Eco Time’s integrated access control software prevents unauthorised access to your premises and/or areas within your premises.

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Human Resources

Eco Time’s human resources software automatically and electronically records attendance, absenteeism, hours worked, etc.

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Mobile Application

Eco Time’s mobile application software makes workforce management easy and on the go for management and employees.

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Job Costing

Eco Time’s job costing software allows the business owner to make strategic decisions based on the labour requirement per department or job.

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Visitor Management

Eco Time’s visitor management system (VMS) is a paperless system to control and manage visitors to your business premises.

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Integration Partners

Eco Time integrates with your systems

Eco Time integrates seamlessly with various payroll, accounting, ERP, leave management and Impro solutions. In fact, as long as your payroll software has an import facility, we can help!