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Human Resource Solutions

At Eco Time, we understand the significance of maintaining accurate and accessible records in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our comprehensive suite of human resource services encompasses training records, disciplinary records, record equipment issued, employee dependent records, and employment History Records.


This module is an integrated part of the Eco Time software and automatically electronically records attendance, absenteeism, hours worked etc.


The system further incorporates advanced leave cycle management options, allowing companies to track their employees’ leave due and used.


Eco Time allows managers to draw powerful automated reports on absenteeism trends and attendance information.


Human Resources Software

Integration Partners

Eco Time Integrates With Your Systems

Eco Time integrates seamlessly with various payroll, accounting, ERP, leave management and Impro solutions. In fact, as long as your payroll software has an import facility, we can help!

Supported Human Resources Hardware

Fingerprint Readers

The most popular and preferred form of biometric recognition is the Eco time fingerprint reader.

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Facial Recognition Readers

Facial recognition is completely contactless and is considered the most hygienic biometric option.

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Proximity Cards and Tags

Get incredible flexibility with Eco Time using a proximity (RFID) card or tag solutions.

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