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Professional and dedicated support teams throughout South Africa and abroad.

Eco Time Value Added Support Services

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We scale our solution to your current business needs so you are never locked into a contract that isn’t working for you. Eco Time offers a 12 month service contract with monthly, quarterly or annual payments. We are so confident that our Time and Attendance system will work for your business that we offer a 30 day cancellation period.

Eco Time offers hardware configuration and installations. We offer a 12 month warranty on hardware and free loan clocking units to clients should a clock need to go in for repairs whilst under warranty. Software installations come with a setup and operator training.

Eco Cover

Systems continue to evolve to meet the advancing technological demands of the market, and the continuing needs of its clients. Eco Time’s new developments aim at enhancing the users’ experience, expanding system functionality, and guaranteeing stability into the future.

Eco Cover has a 30 day cancellation period. Our software licenses provides you with:

Updates and Releases

New releases are typically issued to provide refinements and minor enhancements to the software and occasionally to fix any bugs detected. As an added benefit, all Eco Time clients will also receive any new features with our software updates.





Latest Versions

A new version of software is typically issued with significant enhancements and ensures that the Eco Time software functions efficiently with the latest technology and operating systems available. Providing you with the latest software ensures that you do not get left behind on older technology which becomes progressively more difficult to support.

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Telephone and Remote Support

Your time and attendance is only as good as the support it receives. The Eco Cover fee includes both telephonic and remote support to all Eco Time operators.





Service Level Agreements

All Eco Time hardware is supplied with a 12-month warranty. However, the warranty can be boosted with a maintenance contract. A maintenance contract can also be entered into if the hardware has not been discontinued.

The three levels of standard maintenance contracts are:

Level 1: guaranteed response time, loan clock, excludes labour and parts.
Level 2: guaranteed response time, loan clock, includes labour but excludes parts.
Level 3: guaranteed response time, loan clock, includes labour and parts.

If the standard service offering is not enough, Eco Time offers various Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and maintenance agreements to cater for your specific needs and requirements. Customised SLAs are available to meet your specific needs.