PaySpace and Eco Time Integration Make an Excellent Duo


Tracking time and attendance in 2023 has never been easier. In previous years, some businesses encountered difficulty monitoring staff in remote and off-site working environments. However, many others utilised the power of software systems with automated employee attendance tracking to observe employee patterns.

Software and technology integrations are essential to Eco Time’s passion for providing solutions for any business. This passion means you can now integrate Eco Time with PaySpace using an API.

PaySpace is a cloud-hosted, South African-based HR and payroll software solution. It can be used remotely via a smart device and internet connection. “Comprehensive payroll, without the complications”. Together, PaySpace and Eco Time make an excellent duo.

Integration Offer

Eco Time integrates directly with PaySpace for time, attendance, and leave management. Customers can enjoy better automation and synchronicity—no more batch imports and exports.

The integration also means that there’s no need to download .csv files and re-upload them into PaySpace either. Your vital employee information is now sent from Eco Time to Payspace seamlessly.

The integration reduces tedious work by capturing time, attendance and leave data at once. Users can pay employees accurately by sending data from Eco Time to PaySpace.This is good news for retaining data integrity.

API Integration Benefits

  • Save time with a seamless direct API integration of PaySpace and Eco Time.
  • No more batch exports and imports!
  • Reduce tedious work by automating your business processes.
  • Eliminate human error and pay employees accurately by sending data
  • Retain data integrity

Helping Businesses Grow

Integration solutions enable businesses to track who is doing what more conveniently than ever. Eco Time provides software that is a logical solution to curbing unnecessary expenses for any business that employs people – on-site and off-site.

Eco Time provides businesses with workforce management solutions that can manage their staff efficiently. Their software is the perfect tool to capture and monitor employee information, and Eco Time offers the ultimate flexibility with its integration.

Eco Time Solutions

Eco Time is a timeless brand that develops, produces and supports hardware and software for the time and attendance and access control market. The brand has established a footprint nationally through branches in all major cities for three decades.

From manual clock-in and proximity cards to fingerprint readers and facial recognition, Eco Time is the most trusted time and attendance solution. In addition to managing attendance, employee schedules and leave, the Eco Time HR module enables you to manage disciplinary records, equipment issues and be notifies you of important training expiry dates.

Eco Time integrates seamlessly with various payroll, accounting, ERP, leave management and access control solutions. Reach out to an Eco Time sales representative to help you find the best integration solution for your business.

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