Key Factors To Consider When Buying a Time and Attendance System

time and attendance system

Not all time and attendance systems are created equal. Most time and attendance suppliers claim they will save you time and money – but how do you know which system is the right fit for your business?

Before investing in a workforce management solution, here are some primary factors to consider.

Can the Supplier Meet Your Needs?

Your business has unique requirements, and your time and attendance supplier will need to be able to cater to them. Before you even embark on this journey, you must establish your operational requirements. For instance,

  • Do you have night shifts and pay allowances?
  • Do you require automatic shift selection?
  • How many users need access to the system?
  • Do you need an integrated time and attendance, and access control solution?
  • Do you need a centralised solution with multiple branches?
  • Do you need to integrate with other systems like Payspace or SAGE300?

Hardware options must also be considered. Different clocking device options exist, such as fingerprint and facial recognition. Understand your needs and expectations and be careful not to assume that every supplier can meet your requirements.

Does size really matter?

The size of your business will impact your choice of time and attendance supplier, but not necessarily in the way you may think. Size does not equal complexity. A large company can have simple requirements, and a small business can have complex requirements, so understanding your business requirement is key.

Scalability and Flexibility of a Time and Attendance System

Scalability and flexibility are critical factors you need to consider. Your business is living, growing, and evolving, and your time and attendance solution must keep up because you do not want to replace a system prematurely. Make sure you get value for your money by partnering with a solution that will live, grow and evolve with your needs.

Some factors to consider are:

  • How easy will adding more users, clocks, and employees be?
  • Can you easily add a new business or branch to your system?
  • Can your supplier easily accommodate new shift requirements?
  • Can your supplier support both local and cloud-hosted solutions?
  • Does your supplier accommodate integrations with other systems?

System Support Can Make or Break Your Solution

Reliable, responsive, accessible, and effective support should be top priority. Imagine having a system problem on wage day, and you are met with answering and ticketing systems that put you in a queue.

Ensure you have access to a competent, helpful and reliable human support team.

If your business is national, ensure your supplier is adequately geared to respond to support queries nationally.

Does Your Supplier Have a Proven Track Record?

Time and attendance is a specialised field. Partner with a provider with a proven track record in time and attendance and investigate how long the supplier has been in business. It is advisable to ask for contactable reference clients.

Many small businesses claim they can supply a time and attendance solution because they supply hardware. However, it takes more than just hardware to make up a time and attendance solution. A successful time and attendance solution will include hardware, software, and excellent support.

Final takeaways

Take your time and research to find the right system for your business. Look for a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly system with the features and capabilities to manage your workforce effectively.

When acquiring a time and attendance system, consider your unique requirements. In addition, ensure that your chosen supplier has a proven track record.

Speak to an Eco Time professional to get advice on which system will work best for your specific time and attendance requirements. Eco Time takes the worry out of wages!

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