Access Control

Access Control Integration


Our integrated access control software prevents unauthorised access to your premises and/or areas within your premises. 



Comprehensive, easy reporting on employee movements. The area status window displays staff’s and/or visitors’ current access area in real-time mode.

Save Time and Money

Eco Time saves the customer time and money by integrating time and attendance and access control hardware and software in one package.

Access Control Software

Access Control + Time and Attendance + Payroll Integration = Save Time & Money

Clock Integration With Turnstiles

Clock Integration With Drop Arm Barriers

Full/Half/Waist Height Industrial Turnstiles

Clock Integration With Vehicle Barriers/Booms

Breathalyzer Integration With Turnstiles

 Smart Door Locks

Supported Access Control Hardware

Eco Time supplies and supports a wide variety of access control hardware and accessories to ensure optimum security, time and attendance and payroll integration for your business – big or small.

Fingerprint Readers

The most popular and preferred form of biometric recognition is the Eco time fingerprint reader.

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Facial Recognition Readers

Facial recognition is completely contactless and is considered the most hygienic biometric option.

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Proximity Cards and Tags

Get incredible flexibility with Eco Time using a proximity (RFID) card or tag solutions.

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