Guard Monitoring Solution

Eco Time Guard Monitoring Solution


Guardlog uses monitoring points installed at strategic areas around a site. Guards then check into these points using a baton. Guardlog is quick and easy to install and setup, with no data cabling required.


Guardlog is durable, reliable and weatherproof. Monitoring points are manufactured from stainless steel and are shock resistant.




Guardlog Reports

The Guardlog software allows supervisors or managers to draw useful historical and detailed reports including missed points, excessive delays, missed patrols and more.


Guardlog Hardware

Guardlog Baton

• Stainless steel
• Water resistant
• Weight: 360g
• Length: 230mm
• Lithium battery = 1 year lifespan

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Guardlog Docking Station

• Plugs into PC USB port
• Baton is inserted into docking station to download data
• Downloads 30 transactions per second

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Guardlog ID Tag

• Optional extra
• Used to identify guards or as incident tags
• Store on a keyring

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Guardlog Monitoring Point

• Shock resistant
• No moving parts
• Waterproof
• Plastic holder
• Screw mount

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Guardlog Pouch

• Optional extra
• Thick canvas with leather trimming and double stitching
• Water resistant

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How The Guardlog System Works


Monitoring points are installed at strategic areas around the site. These monitoring points are plastic holders with a screw mount (screws not supplied). No cabling is required for installation or set-up. The standard Guardlog kit comes with 10 monitoring points, with more available on request. 


The guard is then issued with a baton and an employee card/tag. On starting a patrol, the guard “clocks-on” to the baton using his employee card/tag to register his identity. 


The guard must visit specific points along a given route, at predetermined intervals. If applicable, a supervisor can also record at which time he visited a guard by “clocking-on” to the guard’s baton using his supervisor card/tag.


When the next guard begins his patrol, he can take over the same baton by following Step 2 above.


On a daily and/or weekly basis, the site supervisor collects the baton to download the data to the PC via the docking station. The docking station plugs into a PC USB port.


The patrol data is then merged with the site database and exception reports for missed points, excessive delays and missed patrols can be viewed and printed. Historical and more detailed data is also available through the comprehensive reporting options on the Guardlog software.